Macpherson Mall

Macpherson Mall:

Macpherson Mall is also known as  M2  or (M Square), is geared to be the coolest upcoming freehold mixed development comprised of a grand hotel in conjunction with a hip and vibrant shopping mall below. Macpherson Mall provides you a facility of the hotel as well as a wonderful combination of shopping and eateries.

This mall is situated within the Macpherson Singapore at the junction of Macpherson Road and Upper Aljunied Road. Macpherson Mall is the only mall that makes it a potential gateway for all. Macpherson mall will enable one’s business to prosper by providing a large amount of traffic. It will be established at the busiest junction along Macpherson Road. Macpherson Mall stands to swiftly replace our old former Hotel Windsor to become the prominent landmark in this area.

Mall development:

Macpherson mall is developed by LVND investments Pte Ltd and designed by AD Lab Pte Ltd, and its site area is 54,418 sqft. The mall has a hotel that consists of 300 rooms, which are managed by the International Hotel Group that is on top of the shopping mall.

The mall is designed to have 4-storey retail podium comprising 57 retail shops & 29 restaurants along with recently announced NTUC Anchor Tenant. It has 102 car park lots with 2 handicap lots.

This mall’s strategic location, unique concept, stylish design appeals to you. Macpherson Mall stands to swiftly replace our old former Hotel Windsor to become the prominent landmark in this area.

Features of Mall

  • lt is also set to become an iconic development at the busy Macpherson road and a landmark
  • Site map facility for visiting the mall.
  • Provides convenience
  • Facilities for guest
  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor gym
  • Poolside dining
  • Picnic space
  • Currently, this is the only mall in this busy area, so it attracts the people.
  • There are vibrant and appealing restaurants.
  • Situated in the center of the country so it’s a good opportunity for business startup
  • Attractive iconic design
  • First ibis Style hotel
  • As compared to leasehold property its best to invest in freehold property

Macpherson Mall location:

This mall located in District 13 at 401 Macpherson Road,368125 (5,046.02 km) Singapore. It is situated in a very wonderful location from where many well-known locations are near like UWCSEA (United World College Of South East Asia), Temasek Polytechnic, Recently open Sports Hub, CBD area and Expressways, Tourist Highly Pick Hotel.

The mall is connected with the Central Region, 2 MRT stations to Paya Lebar MRT, future Mattar MRT and many more other places.

Macpherson Mall price:

Prices vary according to level, area, and style.

  •  Mall Price for level 1 is;

Shop          398 – 409 sq ft.          $2,521,246

  • Level 2, Shops;

1          484 sq ft.                    $2,228,148

2          570sq ft.                     $2,852,460

3          635sq ft.                     $2,857,842

  • Level 3

Shop          614sq ft.                      $2,392,837

Benefits of Macpherson Mall:

  • This offers freehold property at competitive prices.
  • It has a lot of demand in the vicinity.
  • Situated in a good location
  • Full of investment potential
  • well equipped with recreational facilities
  • This mall gives you a return on investment because commercial investment generally has a high return.
  • This investment will be advantageous both in the long term as well as short term.

Do You Know:

This Mall is the only shopping mall in the vicinity, that is why the investment potential in this mall is very huge.

The mall leads to insufficient supply of retail shops, entertainment, chill out cafe, education, and restaurants since it is the only shopping mall in the vicinity.

The mall is set to supply all of these and even more that is why huge investment potential is unavoidable making the demand for the shopping mall very overwhelming.