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Anchor Tenant: NTUC FairPrice & Learning Point

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The mall is a perfect combination of shopping mall and the hotel.  There is limited number of 86 units of freehold restaurants which will be available for cell during the upcoming VIP preview, it is also expected to be sold in one day during the launch.  Why should one invest in macpherson mall?  This is because its rental yield is higher as compared to residential property, it also has a longer tenancy lease term which is about 6years. All shop units are usually provided with water points,all corridors usually consist of centralized air conditioning.  The strong rentakl demand at this location will attract potential investors.  Business owners can be able to control the rising rental cost by investing in a space of their own.  The Macphreson mall provides the residents with an alternative shopping mall to visit.  lt provides excellent shopping and dining options for the many international school students for their recreational activities. If you are lucky to have the city where the mall is located as your neighbour and a very short distance from your home then you are in a position to enjoy the efficient connectivity to the CBD and the airport.  Whether you are an investor or for your own use the Macpherson mall will for sure provide you with the right address for good return on your investment. The reason why someone should buy a Macpherson mall is simply because there is no shopping mall that is competing with it hence leading to good supply of retail shoppers and diners, in addition,there are no any educational centers nearby. Goods are of high quality and quantity.  The mall provides good parking areas.  People easily access to a lot of goods without having to travel from one place to another because goods needed are provided under one roof. There are also a number of secondary institutions,primary institutions and senior educational institutions that are within the surrounding district in the Macpherson mall,this schools serve a very big role most especially to the people who reside around there. It is also a freehold strata bearing a title on it that is the shopping mall,here they have range of units sizes from 259sqft all the way to 20960sqft.  Much has been said and done but we also have to know the details.